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Not everyone has the time or the energy to go from store to store in order to search for mattresses. There’s something bitterly ironic about having to search everywhere in an energy-intensive manner for something that is supposed to promote a restful sleep. Many of the people who are searching for new mattresses in the first place are doing so because their old mattresses are no longer fitting the bill when it comes to promoting a restful night sleep. They need to look elsewhere for a better product, and the search is still harder than it has to be for anyone.


Many people don’t want to have to interact with the salespeople selling mattresses. Salespeople can be intimidating for some individuals. Salespeople are also notorious for distorting the value of the product in question. Many people are forced into a comparatively high-pressure environment when they’re trying to buy something directly from the store, which is why online shopping can be such a safe haven for so many individuals. They can purchase things on their own time relying entirely on themselves and their Internet connections. They only have to interact with the staff if they choose to, and they can make decisions about products based upon the product reviews that they read and other pieces of reliable information.

One thing that people sacrifice when it comes to online shopping is the opportunity to see the new product in person. They can still do visual inspections online through photo galleries, but these are often inadequate, showing the mattresses from only one angle. Here, it’s our goal to give people a clear idea of what their future mattresses look like. We have assembled our own pictures, we have traveled around to get clear views of all of the mattresses that we’re displaying, and our visitors can make much more informed choices as a result.