What Kind Of Bed Sheets Keep You Cool?

Have you ever been tossing and turning in your bed on a hot summer night? I certainly know I have. Recent studies and reviews have shown that certain types of bed sheets can actually keep you cooler at night.

Bed SheetsBased on the reviews on BedSheetAdvisor’s bed sheets¬†one of the most popular brands of sheet for keeping the body at a cooler temperature is the Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic Sheet set. It is one of the softest sheets one may ever touch. Aside from that, the high quality viscose and bamboo material that the sheets are made out of will make you three degrees cooler than any regular cotton sheet set. The bamboo that is woven into the fabric provides some additional benefits one may never think about when purchasing bed sheets for the first time. The bamboo has some odor repelling features as well as the ability to fight off allergens throughout the night.

Another product that was reviewed on BedSheetAdvisor.com was the Sheex Original Performance sheet set. The 87% polyester and 13% spandex material composition allows the sheets to have a very lightweight and breathable feel throughout the night. This specific design was created with body temperature kept in mind to keep the body cool during the hot summer nights. This website found that these specific sheets are actually 50% more breathable than traditional cotton sheets. Who wouldn’t want sheets that are lightweight and allow air to pass through while they are trying to battle of those hot and sweaty summer nights.

These are only two of the successful products that have been reviewed to show effectiveness in keeping you cool at night. Next time you are going out shopping for decorations for your shore house or summer vacation, make sure you take these two types of sheets into consideration. I can promise you that you will not regret your choice in these products.